Viva Labs Krill Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Antarctic Krill Oil -  1250mg/serving

Viva Labs Krill Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Antarctic Krill Oil - 1250mg/serving

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Viva Naturals Viva Labs Krill Oil: 100% Pure Cold Pressed Antarctic Krill Oil - , 1250mg/serving, 60 Caps

  • ANTARCTIC KRILL OIL SUPPLEMENT WITH HIGH CONCENTRATION OF OMEGA-3s – In just two easy-to-swallow capsules, Viva Naturals Krill Oil 1250 mg supplement delivers 1,250 mg of omega 3 krill oil, providing 165 mg of EPA and 90 mg of DHA supplements. Our antartic Krill Oil is 2.5x more easily absorbed by the body than fish oil, making it a wise choice if you’re looking for an omega-3 supplement for daily use.*
  • BEST KRILL OIL SUPPLEMENT TO SUPPORT JOINT HEALTH* – Knees, hips and shoulders not feeling like they used to? Adding krill oil supplements to your wellness routine is a popular choice for active men and women looking to support healthy joints.* Our red krill oil omega 3 supplement delivers the EPA and DHA fatty acids shown to give joint structures the nutrients they need.*
  • HELPS MAINTAIN BRAIN HEALTH & WORKING MEMORY* – With its high concentration of omega-3’s, including 90 mg of DHA supplement, Viva Naturals Krill Oil capsules can help you maintain a healthy brain, including much-needed support for your working memory.*
  • THE RED OMEGA 3: KRILL OIL WITH ASTAXANTHIN HELPS PROTECT AGAINST FREE-RADICAL DAMAGE* – Unlike fish oil, krill oil contains astaxanthin, a naturally occurring compound. Astaxanthin works like a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your cells against free radicals, the nasty molecules that travel through your body attacking perfectly healthy cells.* If you’re looking for krill oil with astaxanthin, you’ve found it.
  • CUTS “FISHY BURPS” & AFTERTASTE – The best krill oil is going to be odorless and tasteless. After all, there’s nothing worse than the dreaded “fish burps” or smelly aftertaste of low-quality fish oil! Our Krill Oil is encapsulated in innovative Caplique capsules. This unique technology helps prevent fishy burps and aftertaste so you can enjoy your daily dose worry-free.

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