Sleep Supplement 60 Capsule Bottle  Proprietary nanoGABA Formula Health  Personal Care PROD60000326

Sleep Supplement 60 Capsule Bottle Proprietary nanoGABA Formula Health Personal Care PROD60000326

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Power OFF Sleep Supplement, 60 Capsule Bottle | Proprietary nanoGABA Formula: Health & Personal Care
Product Code: PROD60000326

- BLEND OF 9 INGREDIENTS THAT TARGETS ALL PHASES OF SLEEP - We engineered Power Off with ingredients that target all the phases of sleep: from helping you relax after a long day of overstimulation, to initiating the processes that help you fall asleep, to keeping you asleep, and increasing sleep quality as you sleep. See below to learn about about the ingredients we use in more detail.
- PROPRIETARY GABA MOLECULE - GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is the key neurotransmitter that helps promote sleep and relaxation in the body. We’ve engineered the first proprietary GABA liposome that is small enough to pass the blood brain barrier, which allows us use a much lower dose to promote sleep and relaxation.
- OPTIMIZED DOSE OF MELATONIN - Many people do not tolerate even standard over the counter doses of melatonin, which range from 1mg to 5mg. Power Off only contains 0.05 mg of melatonin per capsule. Too much melatonin can cause drowsiness and create a “hung over” sensation.
- ALL NATURAL, NON-HABIT FORMING, HUMAN-STUDIED INGREDIENTS - We only use ingredients that are natural, non-habit forming, have been studied in humans, and have been allowed for use as a dietary supplement by the FDA. We rely on the rate-limiting effects of the body to bring you into balance, providing precursors and cofactors to optimize your body’s own ability to synthesize the neurotransmitters required for sleep.
- HIGHEST SAFETY AND QUALITY STANDARDS - Power Off is NSF Certified for Sport, which means that a third-party verifies that the contents of every batch matches what is printed on the label, and even Olympic athletes undergoing the most stringent tests can be assured that our product contains none of the 265+ banned substances. Power Off is manufactured in the United States in a cGMP-compliant, NSF certified and FDA registered lab with ingredients sourced within the United States.
PRODcode : 60000326
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