Adrenal Support Complex (60 Capsules) Glandular Fatigue Supplement  Vitamin B6 Zinc Licorice Root  H

Adrenal Support Complex (60 Capsules) Glandular Fatigue Supplement Vitamin B6 Zinc Licorice Root H

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Ajira Adrenal Support Complex (60 Capsules) Glandular Fatigue Supplement | Vitamin B6, Zinc, Licorice Root | Healthy Weight Management, Appetite Control, Stress Relief: Health & Pe
Product Code: PROD50000326

- RESTORE NATURAL ADRENAL FUNCTION This adrenal supplement can help reduce low energy, lethargic behavior, and brain fog along with reduced stress and fatigue.
- PROMOTE CALMING FOCUS Offering well-balanced adrenal gland and cortisol support, it can also help with relieving tension and stress to help you find improved clarity.
- APPETITE SUPPRESSANT Our effective enzyme delivery system ensures our raw adrenal support supplement helps maintain blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.
- HEALTHY ENDOCRINE SYSTEM A powerful adrenal fatigue supplement helps inhibit stress which is vital to cognitive brain function, memory, and controlling cortisol levels.
- REGAIN AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Supporting your adrenal gland can help you relax, find more natural energy, take control of your weight management, and lead to more active living.

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Relieve stress, reduce cravings, and maintain normal blood sugar levels with Ajira Adrenal Support, a vital complex designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Your adrenals are an important part of relieving stress, but when your adrenals are constantly being bombarded by life’s demands and harsh chemicals, it can lead to weight gain, overeating, irritability, and unbalanced blood sugar levels. Ajira Adrenal Complex
was designed to help provide concentrated glandular support essential to your long-term health.

Dynamic Nutritional Support

Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, including eleuthero and licorice root, our enzyme blend delivers vital support to your energy levels and hormone production by supplementing your adrenals. More importantly, it helps your adrenals operate at their highest in the morning and then calm down toward evening, promoting more restful sleep, less stress, improved weight management, and better appetite control. All so you can enjoy more natural energy, focus, and cognitive function throughout the day.

Product Details:

Adrenal Support Complex
Glandular Fatigue Supplement
Vitamin B6, Licorice Root, and Zinc
Supports Men and Women
No Fillers or Binders
Volume: 60 Capsules
Guaranteed Satisfaction

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PRODcode : 50000326
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