- Immune System Booster with Elderberry 800mg Vitamin C Vitamin D Zinc L-Lysine Echinacea Garlic  Be

- Immune System Booster with Elderberry 800mg Vitamin C Vitamin D Zinc L-Lysine Echinacea Garlic Be

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Fortify Supplements - Immune System Booster with Elderberry 800mg, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, L-Lysine, Echinacea, Garlic & Bee Propolis - Immune Support Capsules (60 Pills) & Ant
Product Code: PROD50000055

- MAX POTENCY DOSAGE - Our Advanced Formula Immune Booster contains 2-3 X the amount of clinically dosed immune support ingredients and vitamins compared to leading brands. Each capsule is loaded with: Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Garlic, L-Lysine, Bee Propolis & Echinacea.
- ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE - Elderberries, Zinc and Vitamin C are packed with powerful antioxidants that fight the inflammation and damage of free radicals that can harm your immune system. Our scientifically formulated blend combines to work together naturally.
- IMMUNE SUPPORT & HEALTH - Vitamin D, Echinacea, L-Lysine, Bee Propolis and odorless Garlic work together to boost anti body defenses in your immune system and have been shown to boost immunity year round.
- NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS - We've crafted an Advanced Formula based on transparent max potency clinical doses of the finest immune boosting ingredients. Compare our label to the 'other guys' and know the EXACT dosages of each premium ingredient you’re taking.
- FOR FAMILIES - Give you and your family the immune support they need year round! Adults and teens of all ages can enjoy effective easy to swallow capsules 100% Risk Free. Join thousands of healthy and happy customers ...Click Add-to-Cart or 1-Click Buy Today!

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Instant Immune Boost

Did you know that Fortify’s Advanced Immune Booster contains 8 immunity supporting ingredients at their maximum clinically effective dosages?

We don’t use junk fillers, inferior binding agents or mysterious proprietary blends in our formulations.

We only use scientifically backed, proven ingredients to help support your immune system’s function and provide powerful antioxidant support.

Check Out Our Transparency Formula

Elderberry (800mg) Super berry shown to enhance immune response.
Vitamin C (1000mg) Powerful antioxidant and immune system supporter that helps reduce cold symptoms.
Zinc (15mg) Vital mineral essential for immune system function.
Vitamin D (125mcg/5000IU) Essential for immune system function year round.
L-Lysine (250mg) Elevates antibody levels that help fight microscopic invaders.
Garlic Bulb (200mg) Odorless anti-inflammatory that helps stimulate protective white blood cells.
Echinacea (200 mg) Helps improve immune support naturally.
Bee Propolis (100mg) Has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Max Dosage

Our easy to swallow capsules are formulated for maximum dosage during cold season. You can take less capsules per day for reduced dosage as needed.

60 capsules per container.

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