T6 STAR6URN-PM  Fat Burner and Sleep Aid for Muscle-Preserving Weight Loss and Stress Relief Green C

T6 STAR6URN-PM Fat Burner and Sleep Aid for Muscle-Preserving Weight Loss and Stress Relief Green C

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Team Six Supplements T6 STAR6URN-PM Fat Burner and Sleep Aid for Muscle-Preserving Weight Loss and Stress Relief, Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 50 veggie caps: Health & Personal Ca
Product Code: PROD40000007

- capsules
- Made in USA
- FAT BURNING SLEEP AID FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Backed by science, this fat burner also acts as a natural sleep aid; Our truly premium formula contains ashwagandha, melatonin, macuna pruriens, magnesium and 4 more pure ingredients
- BEST NON STIMULANT FAT BURNER: 100% caffeine free, STAR6URN-PM doesn’t contain a single stim and instead attacks fat loss by serving as a cortisol manager and carb blocker, decreasing fat absorption all together
- ENHANCE LEAN MUSCLE AND PHYSIQUE: How do you burn belly fat fast and build lean muscle? Reduce cortisol first and foremost; STAR6URN is designed to promote an anabolic environment, boosting muscle growth while reducing fat
- ADRENTAL FATIGUE RECOVERY: If you’re constantly on the go and use stimulant based supplements, properly resetting your body is important; Avoid chronic fatigue and total exhaustion with STAR6URN-PM adrenal support
- UNMATCHED WEIGHT LOSS SLEEPING PILLS: Non habit forming, over the counter sleep aids that work are hard enough to find but when they provide thyroid support, reduce adrenal fatigue and boost fat loss, the choice is easy

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Embrace a successful lifestyle and commit to the grind, enable a competitive advantage needed to bring your A game on a daily basis! When you shut down for the day, STAR6URN-PM is just beginning.

It’s all about getting the most out of 24 hours. Optimize your sleep (REM) cycle, reduce stress, fight adrenal fatigue and support a better physique in the process.
Weight loss supplements are a dime a dozen but STAR6URN-PM is different.

It has been shown that optimal sleep supports a healthy metabolism
but STAR6URN-PM actually has stimulant free weight loss technology built in, essentially boosting fat burning capacity with a hybrid metabolism boosting carb inhibiting combination of innoslim, ashwagandha, green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia extract Safe for both men and women.
This combination also acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helping to alleviate cravings for unhealthy carbs (sugars) with continued use.

These ingredients have also been shown to support healthy thyroid function! Better adrenal health leads to focus, clarity and more energy throughout the day. Remove brain fog from the equation and wake up more rested and energized!

While these veggie pills are often classified as one of the best caffeine free fat burners
available, their muscle enhancing properties
shouldn’t be overlooked! KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels, boost strength and accelerate muscle recovery. STAR6URN-PM is a progressive innovation for advancement!

Support lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, accelerate body fat loss, restore adrenal function, relieve stress and improve sleep quality! Never before has a supplement delivered like this! Unlock the best version of yourself by optimizing your 24 hours!


Magnesium (as Bisglycinate Chelate) 30mg

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract 300mg

Garcinia Cambogia (std. to 60% Hydroxycitric Acid HCA) 300mg

InnoSlim (Panax notoginseng [root] and Astragalus membranaceus [Root]) 250mg

Green Coffee [Bean] std. to 50% Chlorogenic Acids 250mg

Macuna Pruriens [Bean] std. to 20% L-Dopa 150mg

Melatonin 5mg

BioPerine 5mg

PRODcode : 40000007
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