5 HTP 100 mg Serotonin Supplements  Anxiety Relief Stress Relief Sleep Aid Anti Depressant Mood Supp

5 HTP 100 mg Serotonin Supplements Anxiety Relief Stress Relief Sleep Aid Anti Depressant Mood Supp

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NM Nature's Main 5 HTP 100 mg Serotonin Supplements Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, Sleep Aid, Anti Depressant, Mood Support, Appetite Supressant 60 5Htp Supplement Antidepressants Pills
Product Code: PROD30000312

- SEROTONIN MOOD BOOSTER. Choose happiness and embrace the benefits from one of nature's anti depressant amino acids. Derived from African Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds, our newest product 5-HTP is the precursor of serotonin, the chemical responsible for mood support, appetite and regulating sleep patterns. With 100 mg of 5HTP serotonin supplements per serving, you’ll induce calm, self-confidence, stress relief, anxiety relief and support your memory and learning abilities.
- NATURAL SLEEP AID. Several clinical studies have shown 5 HTP to produce good results in promoting and maintaining sleep by increasing REM sleep (typically about 25%), and decreasing wake-up episodes. As Serotonin is converted into melatonin, a hormone needed to regulate sleep-wake cycles, Nature’s Main 5HTP sleeping pills help normalize sleep patterns, acting as a sleep aids for adults, without any side effects or groggy morning feelings.
- APPETITE SUPRESSANT FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Exposure to daily stress and unhealthy eating habits can lead to reduced serotonin levels in the body which triggers anxiety and depression. This creates a vicious circle as a severe drop in serotonin leads to the brain putting out a strong message to eat. Nature’s Main 5HTP serotonin supplements may help stimulate the satiety centers of the brain to discourage excess food consumption circle by eliminating unhealthy cravings and improving emotional balance.
- 100% DRUG FREE DEPRESSION SUPPLEMENTS. In several recent clinical studies, 5-HTP has been shown to be equal to or even superior to the synthetic drugs used in nervous depression and depressive migraines. Allow yourself to enjoy the happy moments with our mood booster and brain supplement bundle with 15% discount of 5HTP and St. John’s Wort, typically used together in cases of mild to moderate depression.
- RISK FREE PURCHASE. You have nothing to lose as we're so confident you'll love our 5-Htp depression supplements, so we'll gladly refund your bottle if your symptoms do not improve. Our Premium 5HTP is produced at a GMP certified lab within the United States of America. It provides real results, without unwanted side effects, and comes with zero risk to back up everything we say. We are not happy unless you are happy.
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