IMPERIUM Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements - Comprehensive Immune Support and Brain Health- Organic M

IMPERIUM Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements - Comprehensive Immune Support and Brain Health- Organic M

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IMPERIUM Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements - Comprehensive Immune Support and Brain Health- Organic Mushroom Liquid Extract for Digestive System & Energy - Daily Organism Boost Drops with Be
Product Code: PROD10000300

- NATURAL IMMUNE SUPPORT - mushroom immune defense is effective, because mushroom's natural proteins activate the body’s reserves against all types of pathology and act as defenders.
- MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENT FOR DAILY BOOST - turkey tail mushroom tincture is available in drops with high absorption, the effect after use is felt the very next day! It feels like mushroom coffee!
- WIDE RANGE OF ORGANIC NUTRIENTS - turkey tail mushrooms extract supplements contains vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances that improve the function of digestion and nervous system.
- ORGANIC TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENT- liquid extract contains the same nutrients as live mushroom, this allows us to save and conduct all the beneficial properties into tincture.
- 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE - full compliance with US production standards guarantees the effect of turkey tail immune support for each user - otherwise we will return the money. Certified product.

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Are you experiencing chronic fatigue, malaise, slowly thinking
? Need more energy, the ability to remember well, brain support, do more throughout the day?

The key to vitality and strength is moderate physical activity, good rest and quality nutritional supplements that will fill up the pool of missing trace elements and nutrients. One of the best ways to improve your well-being is a mushroom supplement with turkey tail
. Known for its properties since ancient times, these mushrooms improve thinking processes, gives energy for the whole day, relieves inflammation and pain, improves digestion

In the process of extraction from the fungus, a complete composition was obtained that is similar to the healing mushroom growing in nature. Among the properties of this dietary supplement: increasing general resistance to infections, immune support
, normalizing emotional and physical condition - just a few drops, and you will be able to stay in your comfort zone for as long as you need.

The nootropic effect of the fungus is very strong - it tones the brain, makes you think more, live every moment of life brighter, while less tired. A burst of energy is continued all day, and by evening it smoothly turns into pleasant relaxation, this helps to fall asleep and establish sleep and wake cycles

Also, turkey tail mushroom extract has a visible effect on the body - it improves muscle function, increasing your mobility. Pain is reduced, the body detoxifies. A feeling of lightness will accompany you all the time, provided that the supplement is used regularly.

Be careful - the turkey tail mushroom tincture contains alcohol
, consult a physician before use.


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