Paws  Claws Spot and Stain Remover 22oz Pet Pretreat Spray Formula for Carpet an

Paws Claws Spot and Stain Remover 22oz Pet Pretreat Spray Formula for Carpet an

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Hoover Paws & Claws Spot and Stain Remover, 22oz Pet Pretreat Spray Formula for Carpet and Upholstery, AH30901, White: Home & Kitchen
Product Code: PROD20000370

- LOOSENS AND LIFTS PET STAINS: For easier removal of tough messes
- ENZYMATIC CLEANING INGREDIENTS: Helps break down pet messes and deodorize your carpets leaving them smelling fresh
- CONTINUES TO WORK: Helps remove any traces of spots and stains, even after you're done cleaning
- ADVANCED CLEANING ACTION: For use on carpets, area rugs, home upholstery and car interiors
- ENHANCED CLEANING PERFORMANCE: When paired with a full-size HOOVER carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning solution
- MADE IN THE USA: With US and globally sourced ingredients

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Hoover Paws & Claws Stain Remover is the perfect solution to remove the stains and odors our furry friends leave behind. Using deep, enzymatic cleaning ingredients, this stain remover deodorizes tough pet odors and breaks down the worst pet messes. The enzymatic cleaning ingredients continue to work even after you've finished cleaning, for a home that feels clean and smells fresh. Now that’s powerful! For the most effective pet-mess clean up, pair this stain remover with Hoover’s powerful assortment of carpet cleaning solution and a Hoover carpet cleaning machine. Love your pets, without having to love their stink!

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