Krill Oil Soft Gel 1000 mg 60 Count PROD250000319

Krill Oil Soft Gel 1000 mg 60 Count PROD250000319

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Product Name
Best Naturals Krill Oil Soft Gel, 1000 mg, 60 Count
Product Code: PROD250000319

- Supports cardiovascular health
- Supports joint health
- Supports cognitive health, specifically focus and attention
- Better absorbed than fish oil
- Great anti-oxidant property

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Size:60 Softgels

Krill Oil is the only krill oil on the market clinically proven to benefit cardiovascular, cognitive, joint and women's health. Other krill oils cannot use the benefits associated with the studies as their compositions and extraction procedures are not the same. Moreover, not all krill oils on the market are 100% derived from krill.

PRODcode : 250000319
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