Healthy Orgins Krill Oil Gels 1000 mg 120 Count PROD250000274

Healthy Orgins Krill Oil Gels 1000 mg 120 Count PROD250000274

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Visit the Healthy Origins Store Healthy Orgins Krill Oil Gels, 1,000 mg, 120 Count
Product Code: PROD250000274

- KRILL VS. FISH: Omega-3 fatty acids must first be absorbed into the blood and then accumulate in target organs such as the heart, liver and brain to provide nutritional benefit. KREAL krill oil, unlike fish oil, is a phospholipid omega-3 based oil, which was shown to be more efficiently accumulated in the blood and in target organs when compared to standard fish oil.*
- BURP-FREE OMEGA-3: Consumption of fish oil is often accompanied by unpleasant fishy burps and aftertaste. This inconvenience keeps people from taking this important supplement. However, consumption of KREAL krill oil is not accompanied by unpleasant fishy burps due to its special composition.*
- HEALTHY ORIGINS: Healthy Origins Krill Oil is encapsulated in the USA using Krill Oil produced by Enzymotec in Migdal HaEmek, Israel.
- Supports Joint, Brain and Cardiovascular health
- Manufactured with enteric-coated softgels for optimal absorption

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Healthy Origins Krill Oil is extracted from the Euphausia superba species of krill found in the Antarctic waters of the southern ocean. Euphausia superba, with a biomass of over 500,000,000 tons, is one of the most abundant life forms on the planet. Since the 19th century krill has been harvested as a food source for humans and animals, but only in more recent times has it been harvested to extract the oils contained within the krill. These oils contain substantial levels of Omega 3’s, Phospholipids and Astaxanthin.*

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