Krill Oil Platinum - 60 Capsules PROD250000266

Krill Oil Platinum - 60 Capsules PROD250000266

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Product Name
1MD Krill Oil Platinum - 60 Capsules
Product Code: PROD250000266

- Powerful 1600 mg serving size of pure, effective Krill Oil
- Sustainable, clinically-proven K·REAL krill oil derived from Antarctic krill, using Multi-Stage Oil (MSO) extraction technology that boosts bio-availability and enhances absorption
- Contains more of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin than any other krill oil on the market
- Includes premium omega-3 phospholipids, and omega-3 triglycerides
- Potent servings of EPA and DHA for maximum health benefits

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Why 1MD Krill Oil Platinum? 1MD Krill Oil Platinum is currently the best omega-3 supplements on the market. Our krill oil is formulated with the highest quality, clinically studied krill oil on the market, K·REAL krill oil, served to you at the clinically studied dose shown to be most effective. The krill oil serving in Krill Oil Platinum is much higher than most other products on the market and the included amount of astaxanthin delivered is the highest available anywhere. We formulated our krill oil with K·REAL krill oil to deliver you the highest quality, purity, potency, and consistency possible. Our krill oil is extracted from Antarctic Krill with a patented Multi Stage Oil-extraction process called MSO. This breakthrough, cold-press extraction technology assures the highest quality and freshest krill oil available. Feel confident with a sustainable and superior quality product when you buy 1MD Krill Oil.

PRODcode : 250000266
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